Tips for writing the Cover Letter

covletter10 Tips for writing the Cover Letter

When writing a Cover Letter there are a couple of things to consider. Use these tips as a check list for writing your letter.

  1.  Read the job description carefully and write down the key requirements

Mark the three most important requirements and skills needed for the job. Make sure to include these ones in your Cover Letter and address them. The rest of the requirements you will address in your CV. Use the words that the Employer is using in the description. In this way you will show that you understand the Employer and speak the same language.

  1. Use short sentences

Long sentences are usually difficult to read. Don’t make complicated long sentences. Keep it short and use a short sentence after each long sentence.

  1. Don’t repeat in your Cover Letter everything that already is on your CV

You can highlight the most important things from your CV in your Cover Letter that are important for the job. However make sure that the Cover Letter is not a repeat of the CV. Focus for example more on the why: Why did you choose this education? Why do you want to work in this field? Make a good story.

  1. Send it to the right person

If you don’t know the name of the contact person, than contact the Employer to ask for the name. An additional benefit of contacting the Employer is that you will be remembered when the person reads your letter.

  1. Use a different letter for each application

When you are looking for a job you sometimes have to send many letters. Some people use a standard letter for every application. Try not to use a standard letter but make an unique Cover Letter for each company. Employers easily see who is really interested and has put effort into it. They receive many standard letters. You have to stand out of the crowd.

  1. Only mention experience that is relevant to the job description

For example if you are applying for a job as an office secretary. Your experience as mail delivery is not relevant for the job. Your typing skills are relevant.

  1. Communicate clearly why you are the right fit for the job

From your Cover Letter it should be clear why you are the person for this job. Motivate it by using facts and proof.

  1. Tell why you are enthusiastic about the job and the company

Don’t just tell about your qualifications and skills. Show interest in the company and the job. Be enthusiastic and let them know how much you like the job. Use arguments without sounding arrogant.

  1. Follow the instructions

Read how the Employer wants you to apply. Follow the instructions carefully. By e-mail, a website form or via a letter.

  1. Check for errors in the letter

Before you send the letter, use grammar and spelling checker tools. Let someone else read your letter. Finally read it yourself out loud.

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