How to Impress during your interview?

jobinterviewimpressImpress during your interview

We usually judge someone based on their first impression and their appearances. Even though we don’t know how talented they are we will make a judgement. This shows that making good first impressions during the interview matters. It is important to dress well for your interview or your first day at the company.

This is how you make a good first impression:

Be on time

The most important thing is to make sure you are on time. Approximately 10 minutes before your interview starts. If you don’t know how long you have to travel to get there, make sure you leave as early as possible and have plenty time.

Wear outfit that suits

Find out how people inside the company you’re applying to dress. Knowing how to dress will give you an edge over your competitors.

Have manners and be polite

Try to be polite to everyone that you meet along the way including the reception staff. You might see each other if you are hired. Each organization is different and you don’t know what the power structures are and who has influence on the decision making for hiring new people. So be polite to everyone and make sure that your body language shows confident as soon as you walk in.

Practice in advance

Job interviews are usually considered to be intimidating. Just remember why you are here. Practice in advance what you want to say and have some questions of your own prepared. By practicing home you will have enough information about yourself, the company and job position to answer the questions. This will make you less nervous.

Be positive

Try to be positive within the first minutes of the interview. Don’t show that have had a terrible long drive to come here. Instead smile and show interest in the questions that you are asked.

If you are being asked about your former boss, don’t be negative. Always show respect and be positive about your former companies. A positive attitude is a good impression to leave behind.

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